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Guillermo Villarroel Vegas

Canada Get Fit, for me, has been a wonderful experience. With the group, I have support and training programs that have allowed me to see new places, beautiful routes and very friendly people. The experience is priceless. I even run better now. My last race, the Chilly Half Marathon, I ran in 1:50 hours, which …

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Quick Core Workouts

According to running bio-mechanics expert Michael Fredericson, Ph.D, 90% of runners have weak abs leading to faulty running patterns impacting efficiency and more importantly increasing the chance for injury. Whether running for fun, fitness, or to be fast, efficiency is key. Having a strong core plays an important part in translating the power of the …

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Speed: How to TT and Why


Adapted from Bicycling Magazine’s Complete Guide to Riding and Racing Techniques, by Fred Matheny.

Time Trials

If you haven’t tried a time trial before, but you are thinking about it, this is the “nuts and spokes” of time trialing. Time trials are a safe way for the …

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Avoid Heat Stress When you Cycle


Excessive heat strain during exercise usually does not occur unless temperature and humidity are high, the air is stagnant, you do not rehydrate effectively, or you are not adequately acclimatized to the heat all of which happen during the summer months. Two ways to reduce the impact both from a body stress perspective but also …

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Eating on the Bike

Eating on the bike is more than about making sure you’ve got enough fuel – a good enough reason for figuring out how to eat efficiently on the bike but also to help maintain mental acuity.  I found this great article on Eating on the Bike.  It s a bit long but is jammed pack …

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Eating During Exercise

Excerpt from Nutrition for the Long Run, by Heidi Smith, Sport Dietitian
(A book inspired by Canada Get Fit)

The most effective way to spare glycogen stores and increase endurance is to consume carbohydrates during exercise lasting longer than 90 minutes. Mos of us have enough blycogen to last 1.5 hours of continuous high intensity exercise. However, after …

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Eating Before Exercise

From “Nutrition For The Long Run” by Heidi Smith

The purpose of a pre-exercise snack is to hep maintain your blood sugar until the exercise starts.  To optimize energy for your workout aim for a small meal or snack 2 – 3 hours before you exercise. This snack should provide a short-term energy boost to prevent …

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Beginners Guide to Cycling – Flat Tires

Flat Tires.  They happen to everyone. Know how to fix them, and be sure to have a pump and a spare inner tube. You don’t want to be walking the bike home. It’s really not that hard. See this guide and this one for more.

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Beginners Guide to Cycling – Hills

Hills.  For beginning cyclists, hills can be a big challenge. Experienced cyclists actually have no problems with hills — they know how to shift, to brake, to pace themselves, and they have gotten stronger on hills with practice. There are two areas with hills to be concerned with:

Uphills. Cycling uphill isn’t that hard if you …

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Beginners Guide to Cycling – Basics

with help from zenhabits and other web resources


Rule of 3.  You will fall at least 3 times when you are learning or re-learning how to ride your bike.  Accept it.  As Lance Armstrong says “If you worry too much about falling off the bike you will never get on.”
Start slow.  Most Canada Get Fit members …

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