Guillermo Villarroel Vegas


Canada Get Fit, for me, has been a wonderful experience. With the group, I have support and training programs that have allowed me to see new places, beautiful routes and very friendly people. The experience is priceless. I even run better now. My last race, the Chilly Half Marathon, I ran in 1:50 hours, which is my best time at that distance. My next goals include Around the Bay and in April 2013 the Boston Marathon, which will be my fourth of the major six marathons. Next year, I want to run either the London or Tokyo Marathon and participate in my first Triathlon. Of course, I count on the support of CGF to achieve all of those goals. I am very happy to be part of this group. I run with them because at the end of run I feel better than when I startedI would have never believed that I could run well.

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