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My Thoughts on Boston - Dr. Freddie So

I normally write my post Boston Marathon article with what I learned about life and the metaphors it teaches me physically, mentally, and spiritually. As you undoubtedly have heard, this one has taught me much deeper lessons about life. 

This was my 9th straight Boston Marathon and it has always been a privilege to race with …

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My Thoughts on Boston - David Benjamin

My Thoughts on Boston

 I have never run a full marathon. It is highly unlikely that I ever will, and even more highly unlikely that I will ever run the Boston Marathon.

I have run a few half marathons, but have yet to do so in satisfying fashion. Each year that I’ve tried, I’ve run the distance during …

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The Boston Marathon: Where do we go from here?

Alana Armstrong 

Yesterday, as spring was finally starting to show its face, runners were strapping on their shoes, about to set off on a 26.2 mile adventure called the Boston Marathon. The history, the standards, the competition all make this race particularly special. It’s supposed to be a day …

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Lynn Van Nest

I always hated running.   Agonized each run portion of a triathlon during my first year of participation.   Believed for years that running is for skinny people.

That has all changed largely due to CGF. I joined CGF with my husband, committed to the program and conquered. Conquered my hatred of running by becoming stronger, faster, healthier, happier, …

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Guillermo Villarroel Vegas

Canada Get Fit, for me, has been a wonderful experience. With the group, I have support and training programs that have allowed me to see new places, beautiful routes and very friendly people. The experience is priceless. I even run better now. My last race, the Chilly Half Marathon, I ran in 1:50 hours, which …

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Jim’s Mississauga Race Report

Thanks for the note and thanks even more for your support at the split – I was a bit tempted to go straight on at that stage but I thought I knew what I was in for on Lakeshore, so I turned right for the marathon!

You asked for a race report so here goes.  You …

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Ironman Austria Race Report

Ironman Austria Race Report
We couldn’t have ordered a better day – weather wise that is.  The rest was good and went downhill during the race but I finished with a time in between my last 2 finishes, not as good as I hoped for, but still OK – and it is fabulous to hear the …

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