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Energy Gels and Energy Chews for Long Runs and Marathons

How to eat carbs while running
By , About.com Guide

Reprint of an article on Gels and Chews from About.com author Christine Luff. 

Fueling with carbs during longer runs and races will prevent you from running out of energy and help boost your performance. But what you eat while running depends on your own preferences. Many …

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Goal Pace Marathon Long Runs

By Rick Morris For Running Planet

When many runners think of marathon long runs they envision long slow distance runs of 12 to 30 miles. That type of run has been the cornerstone of marathon training for many years. What marathon runner hasn’t made a habit out of their weekend 20 miler? It has even become …

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Diet and Nutrition for Runners

Eat Well for Good Health and Running Performance

Christine Luff, About.com Guide

As a runner, your diet is important to maintain good health and to promote peak performance. Proper nutrition and hydration can make  or break a workout or race, and greatly affects how runners feel, work and think. A balanced diet for healthy runners should include …

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Your Body & The Cost of Running Longer than 2.5 Hours (Excerpt from Marathon Nation)

Inside Marathon Nation we don’t advocate long runs over 2.5 hours, although you can do runs up to about 3 hours if you are fit and able to dedicate time to recovery. We can do this since we incorporate a good amount of intensity in our training plans, even the long runs. This increased effort …

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Stay Healthy & Fit Over the Holidays

Canada Get Fit, December 2011

Take an after-dinner walk with the family to admire the light displays.
Make a new year’s resolution to try a new activity – how about the Centurion cycling program with Canada Get Fit.
Walk as much as possible. Take extra laps at the mall, use the stairs, volunteer to walk the dog.
If you’re …

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Balance Running and Strength Training

Increase strength to burn more calories and prevent injuries.

By Leslie Goldman
From the April 2009 issue of Runner’s World

Dieters often shy away from strength training, such as lifting weights, out of a fear it will make them bulk up. Others are intimidated by going to a gym. But for many dieters, the reason is simpler: …

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Podcasts: Worth a Listen

Podcast Introduction:
by David Willey

Podcast #1: Training:
by Michelle Hamilton

Podcast #2: Mental Challenges of Marathoning:
by Katie Neitz

Podcast #3: Nutrition and Hydration Essentials:
by Jane Hahn

Podcast #4: Shoes and Gear:
by Warren Greene

Podcast #5: Training – Long Runs:
by Amby Burfoot

Podcast #6: Injury Prevention:
by Katie Neitz

Podcast #7: …

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Speeding Recovery

With content from a Blog posted by Joe English

Runners should be eating and drinking within the first 30-45 minutes after their run to help ease and speed their recovery.  That window of time is critical in that the body is primed to reload depleted muscle energy stores and to start the rebuilding process from the …

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10 Essentials for a Relaxing Yet Productive Recovery Week: Adapted for Running

What’s the most important part of any training plan? The recovery periods.  For a training plan to be worthwhile, it needs to allow time for recovery. Otherwise all your hard work won’t matter.  Typically, training will be done in four-week cycles where there are three …

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Hydrate – For A Well Tuned Machine

By Laura Townsend at Laura Ashley Images. For more information, email info@lauraashleyimages.ca or 905.484.0727


The best possible training and competition performance stems from proper hydration. For most people it can be a challenge to drink the required 8-10 glasses of fresh water per day but proper hydration is necessary for countless bodily functions and essential for athletes …

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