Lynn Van Nest


I always hated running.   Agonized each run portion of a triathlon during my first year of participation.   Believed for years that running is for skinny people.

That has all changed largely due to CGF. I joined CGF with my husband, committed to the program and conquered. Conquered my hatred of running by becoming stronger, faster, healthier, happier, confident and enpowered by my steady improvement.  Since my commitment to CGF 3 years ago I have completed two 30km ATB’s (with another this month) seven half marathons and numerous triathlons. I have improved my times significantly from a half marathon time of 2:30 to a recent time of 2:11. Just this week my Chili half time 2013 was improved by a huge 9 min. from 2012.  My personal success is largely due to my race coaches and race buddies (bunnies). We talk, laugh and huff and puff. Some are quiet runs and some are ugly “dump” runs. We are a social group and that truely helps motivating when one is snug in a bed at some ungodly hour early on a Saturday morning.

I did not join to be a podium person. I run to be a better me.

I thank my mind for the commitment and thank my body for putting up with the punishment. Thank my coaches and buddies for putting up with my whining (wineing too) and my hubby for haninging in with me.

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