Stay Healthy & Fit Over the Holidays


Canada Get Fit, December 2011

  • Take an after-dinner walk with the family to admire the light displays.
  • Make a new year’s resolution to try a new activity – how about the Centurion cycling program with Canada Get Fit.
  • Walk as much as possible. Take extra laps at the mall, use the stairs, volunteer to walk the dog.
  • If you’re hanging out with kids, set up a game of football, tag or hide and seek.
  • Go easy on yourself, you are not always in charge of your schedule during the holidays. You can get back to your routine after the holidays.
  • Keeping hydrated by drinking lots of water – it will keep you not only feeling “more full” but is a great tool for keeping healthy in general.
  • Avoid filling up on sweets – filling up on healthier foods first, like lean proteins and veggies will help you avoid junk food.
  • Stretched for time — shorten workouts but make them more intense.
  • Don’t skip meals — this can be detrimental to your metabolism and wreak havoc on your fitness goals.
  • Skip high-fat dressings, gravy, and condiments which can add an extra 100 to 200 calories. Opt for ketchup, mustard or low-fat dressings and gravy.
  • Sneak in a pre-party workout to work off those starchy holiday dishes and keep your metabolism heightened to help burn off extra indulgences.
  • Don’t go to any holiday parties on an empty stomach or you may find yourself overeating.
  • Avoid high calorie drinks such as egg nog, margaritas or any whole milk lattes.

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