To Go Faster You have to Go Faster


Jim Clark


Interesting information about Speed training

  • – I googled ‘Basic Speed Workouts for Runners’ and found out a staggering bit of intelligence – VIRTUALLY ALL SPEED WORKOUTS INVOLVE RUNNING FASTER!
  • – The only ones that do not involve ‘running faster’ are – Hills Repeats, which Robert is doing in Mondays!
  • – All the rest are really just a variety of ways of hiding the effort required to actually run faster – strides, track work  and fartlek’s (Swedish for ‘speed play’!).
  • – So this summer we will be doing a variety of strides, track work and Fartlek’s on Wednesday evenings
  • – About the only saving grace is that Speed work tends to be done in shorter bursts, so the workouts may not be as long as other times.

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